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    Simple yet powerful Email Marketing...

    Let our simple and intuitive user interface take you straight to the point of a successful email marketing solution with all your controls on one single screen...


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    Build and Manage Email Lists Fast!!!

    No more long hours trying to piece together your email lists. With our tools, you can build massive email lists in minutes...


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    Detailed Campaign Result Reporting.

    Track when, where and who opens your emails to quickly help improve the effectiveness of your email advertising campaigns...


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Why Email Advertising?

Email Marketing Has a Wide Reach

An email marketing strategy can target a large number of potential customers in a very short time and therefore recipients can instantly act on commercials. Email advertising is fast, easy, repeatable and above all inexpensive.

Email Marketing Can Be Highly Customized

Email campaigns can easily be customized with specific customer data such as geolocation, gender, income among others. This data allows campaigns to be automated and targeted towards specific direct mailing lists and recipient groups.

Email Marketing Is Measurable

Campaigns can be measured in details by collecting email marketing information such as opened and bounced emails, clicked links, recipient geolocations etc... This data allows marketers to analyse campaigns and adjust strategies.

How it Works..

Create your Business Email Lists:
Upload email addresses as text files, by copying and pasting or by manually entering single records.
Create your B2C Email Marketing Campaigns:
Take advantage of our easy to use interface to create highly customizable campaigns that you can tweak and launch over and over...
Reap the Benefits of Email Marketing:
Use our campaign scheduler to launch your campaign at a date and time of your choosing. Start getting result information within minutes of launching your campaign.